Heroes for solo victory in Dota 2

Winning in Dota 2 is not always easy because it is a team game, the outcome of which always depends on a few people. No matter how much effort you put in, there will always be those players who do not care about the outcome of the match. But this problem is solvable, because the game has heroes who can independently make a large amount of impakt, capture early dominance in the game and quickly end it, not allowing opponents to nafarivat the necessary slots. In our article today we will talk about them. We've picked out the heroes that are easy enough to win solo.


A great hero who is mostly an offlane pick, but can also play on the second and first position. A very strong early game hero, as he quickly clips opponents on the map, buys Dominator, and then quickly breaks buildings, preventing opponents from gaining key slots. The hero is strong both early and late in the game, where he can compete with even the most top-tier Kerrys. He requires practice, so he is not recommended for beginners.


Broodmother is currently playing only on the center line, where he shows himself very well. Possesses a high fluff potential, as well as the ability to dominate his line. Quickly breaks the mid taver and easily shifts to the neighboring lines. The peak of power appears with the purchase of Bloodthorn, which helps to find solo kills, and instantly destroy any opponents. To understand the hero you need to play a lot of matches, and therefore it is advisable to play All Pick until you have fully mastered the hero.

Naga Siren

The hero of the first position, which has a high farming potential and the ability to quickly demolish the opponent's bauze, nafarming a large number of slots in a short period of time. Siren has high survivability, as well as high magic and physical damage. He can quickly move to the forest, where he won't lose ground on farming. It will help newcomers to learn the basics of microcontrol, and understand the essence of the game for kerry heroes.

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