Heroes with the strongest stans in the game

Dota 2 is a very diverse game with more than 130 heroes with different abilities, roles and features. Each hero has its own advantages, which pokhvozvolya to do in the game this or that action, which can sometimes lead to victory even the most difficult games. One of such important advantages are the stans, which can easily gambeck games and bring a lot of impact if they are controlled by an experienced player. In our today's article, we offer you a look at the heroes with the strongest stans in the game.


One of the strongest heroes at the moment, who can be played in 3 positions and can add a lot of value to any of the games. Magnus is an all-rounder who farms quickly, has great line up and initiation, as well as the ability to take out enemy heroes, separating them from the team and killing them one by one.

His main feature is Reverse Polarity, which gives a long stan on the area. During its duration, you can kill all heroes, gaining an advantage and winning the match. If you buy Refresher, Magnus becomes a very dangerous hero that gives your opponents a lot of trouble.


A legendary hero that requires a lot of practice. She can be played in all positions and can single-handedly turn any game around. Her main feature is Black Hole, which casts in a certain area and sucks opponents into its center. It lasts for a long time and deals pure damage to everyone who gets sucked in.

It combines well with all other abilities. Enigma also gets stronger when you buy artifacts that make Black Hal stronger. Playing this hero requires a lot of practice, because it's hard to give out a quality ultimates.


Tidehunter is not very popular with players right now, but that doesn't change the fact that he has a very strong ultimates. The character is played on the third position, stands his line well, and can be there in solo. Possesses a good stat that works on the area, but is countered by buying BKB.

His main advantage is that he has simple abilities, which means that he is perfect for beginners. Tidehunter is very active, and after buying Blink he can go snowballing the map, preventing opponents from gaining key slots.

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