How to win in Dota 2

Dota 2 is one of the most difficult games, which has a huge entry threshold, and often scares away newcomers. Dota is a completely team-based game, the outcome of which always depends on five people. There are positions and characters in the game that can have the strongest influence on the outcome of the game, which combined with your personal skill helps you win many matches that you should have lost. In today's article, we offer you a little more insight into what it takes to win the game and how to win lost games.

How to win in Dota 2

The main condition for victory is to break the throne of your opponents. You must break enemy structures, take over the map, warp someone else's forest, and take away their ability to farm, gradually building up an advantage and eventually break all the buildings. Do not forget about killing roshans, which gives a strong advantage, and the opportunity to win a key fight.

How to increase your chances of winning?

In order to significantly increase your chances of winning it is recommended to play cor-roles, which earn money and buy items that contribute to winning the game. The game is much less dependent on sapports, which means it will be harder to win on them.

It is easiest to win on the first and second position, which have the most resources and potential to play. They can break structures and deal a huge amount of damage.

How to win lost games?

Very often there are situations when the game does not go according to your plan. Opponents quickly gain an advantage, taking away part of your map and depriving you of earning money. The most basic solution is to let go of lines and not get into fights until you gain the necessary peak power.

As long as the enemies follow you in five they practically do not gain the necessary networth, gradually losing their advantage, which can be completely removed in one competently built fight.

General tips

When playing as a kerry, always have a teleporter to support the team on the next line and help them win the fight. It is also not recommended to fight until you reach the main artifacts, which will greatly help in battles. Sometimes, if the situation looks very bad, it will be better to give up some taverns, but refarm key artifacts to turn the game around.

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