The best mid-heroes for newcomers in Dota 2

Mid is one of the most important positions in Dota 2, which has a huge impact on the game and often decides its ending. Meaders have the highest level at the beginning of the game, which helps them to be very active from the early minutes, ganking neighboring lines and dealing a lot of damage.

This role is also one of the most demanding, because you need to know the peculiarities of many heroes, and have a good lane against your opponent. In today's article we will look at the best heroes for beginners, which will help you learn how to play in the mid.


Zeus is one of the easiest heroes in the game, who can deal a huge amount of damage at any position. Most often played in the mid, and not badly stands his line. He has a huge amount of magic damage, as well as the ability to kill with ultimates of the opponent who is on the other side of the map. He has simple abilities that make him a recommended hero for beginners.

Void Spirit

Void Spirit is one of the most interesting and powerful heroes in Dota 2 and is a pleasure to play. Void is not a bad character who stands his line well and has the ability to kill after level 6. Has a lot of escapism, and control, which will help to catch the opponent and kill him. Can be assembled into both a magic build and a physical build, each of which has its pros and cons. Playing on him you will learn to play other heroes, as well as understand the essence of the game on the second position.


A very strong hero who has a huge leit-potential, and gathered in the kerry, is not inferior to many characters. Often dominates her line, due to high physical and magic damage, and has high kill potential after level 6. Also carries 2 builds: through physical and magic damage, each of which brings a large amount of impact to the game. Has simple abilities and is perfect for beginners.

Queen of Pain

A very active hero who dominates his line, and after level 6 he can connect to neighboring lines to help his allies. She has an escape that prevents her from being caught, as well as an ultimat with pure damage. She is very easy to play and therefore great for beginners.

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