New global patch in Dota 2

The long-awaited global patch has finally been released in Dota 2. It has changed the meta, changed artifacts, toned down and upgraded many heroes. But most importantly, it introduced a large number of innovations, among which there are innate abilities and aspects that greatly change the characters, as well as make the game much more interesting. Today we offer you to understand this patch in a little more detail, as well as walk through the main changes.

Innate Abilities

From the very beginning of the game each of the characters has an innate ability. To see it, you need to point your mouse at the new icon, which is located on the hero's page and in the game between the hero's abilities and the talent tree. There are two types of innate abilities:

Some give a permanent unique effect - for example, Faceless Void slows down enemy attack projectiles, and Dawnbreaker reveals the entire map as the sun rises

Others add an extra level to a regular ability and make it available from the start - for example, Kunkka has the Tidebringer ability right away and can learn it four more times as normal. The same goes for Legion Commander and her Moment of Courage ability.


Aspects allow you to choose between your playstyle, opening up new options for your character. They are located in the character menu, right above abilities. They can be changed during the planning phase, and are forbidden once the characters are on the map. To help you get used to the changes the developers have increased the preparation time by 15/10/5 seconds.

Aspects change the game a lot, for example: Viper can either add instant damage around a Poison Attack victim or become more survivable in Nethertoxin's area of effect. Techies will be able to use items straight from the backpack, and Lon Druid's form can be transferred to a bear. These changes will appeal to many players, and will finally allow the game to breathe some fresh air.

Character and Item Changes

Numerous changes have been made to heroes' items and abilities, which will change the meta a lot. For example, Tinker, who played poorly in the last patch, has now completely lost his kor potential, because he has lost the main feature of his ultimates. There are also multiple item changes, which you can see in the game's client.

Additional changes

  • Recharging of fortified buildings now does not occur when a T3 tower is demolished. Instead, the cooldown is reset when a Swordsman Barracks is destroyed, which will make entering an enemy base much easier.
  • Dota2 Lab additions. You can now put a permanent range indicator, as well as a dynamic health bar focus. All this makes the game more flexible, and allows you to customize it to your liking.
  • Now when you kill an allied hero, the experience and gold for it will be given to the hero who put this effect on your ally.

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