Team Spirit win at PGL Wallachia in Dota 2

Just recently one of the most important and also the first offline tournament in Dota 2, called PGL Wallachia, ended with a very unexpected victory of Team Spirit, who snatched the victory from the Chinese team. Few would have thought that Team Spirit would be able to recover from the former defeats, and gain incredible form, which will be enough to defeat Extreme Gaming. In our today's article we will analyze their victory in a bit more detail, as well as recap the tournament itself.

Playoff Stage

There were 8 teams that made it to the Playoff stage, 4 of which made it to the lower grid. The full list of teams in the playoffs: Extreme Gaming, Team Spirit, Team Falcons, Team Aurora, G2.IG, Boom, Gaimin Gladiators, Team Liquid. Obviously, Team Falcons and Extreme Gaming were the main contenders for victory, but still they failed to win this tournament.

The first meeting between Team Spirit and Extreme Gaming happened in the semifinals, where Spirit lost 0:2, which knocked them into the lower grid, which was the start of their lower grid cambet. Also leaving the tournament very early was the Gaimin Gladiators, who failed to win a single match in the tournament playoffs.

After defeating BOOM and G2.IG, Tim Spirit met one of the main contenders for victory - Team Falcons. In a hard fight Spirit snatched victory from Falcons, and passed to the finals, where they are waiting for the undefeated Chinese, who by the way did not lose a single card for the whole tournament.


The final meeting was very spectacular and memorable, because the audience saw 5 hardest cards that ended in the direction of the Spirit, and in turn, Kambekali final with a score of 2:1. Few could believe that a team that has not lost a single map could lose to Tim Spirit, who completely lost their form after the past inta.

The main upside of this whole situation is that Dota 2 has another competitive team that will be fighting for 2 major titles of the year: The Internatonal and Ryadh Master, which will start very soon. This will make all future matches more interesting and will also add excitement to the tournaments.

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