The weakest heroes in the current Dota 2 patch

The Dota 2 meta changes quite often, which allows new heroes to take the podium and old heroes to sit at the bottom of the list with low winrate. Even though there hasn't been a patch in Dota 2 for a long time, even in such conditions the established meta can change, replacing old heroes with new ones. In our today's article we have selected for you the 5 weakest heroes with low winrate at the moment in Dota 2.

Phantom Assassin

Phantom Assassin is a great curry hero that can deal a huge amount of damage and instantly kill enemy heroes. After the revamp of many of the aitems that Phantom collected in the last patch, her winrate has dropped a lot, because the brooch now does not roll krits. Phantom has counterpicks and can't play in the current meta conditions, so her winrate is still around 42%.


Sven is a kerry hero that keeps a decent tempo, farms quickly, and reaches his key slots. His only downside is that the hero sags in leit, losing to many other kerry characters. With proper skill, you can still win with this hero, and his winrate stays around 45%.


A hero that hasn't appeared in games for a long time. He plays mostly on the sapport positions, and has good abilities that can help win fights, as well as disarm some opponents. Currently picks very rarely and has a winrate of around 44%.


Another kerry hero in our selection today. Has good abilities that allow him to contribute a lot of DPS and win games almost solo. The meta that we have now is not very convenient for him, and that's why the hero's winrate has dropped to 45%.

Queen of pain

Quopa is a center position hero who is good at costing her line and is also very active on the game. Her main disadvantage is that she loses her relevance in deep leut, where she does little damage and is easy to kill. But you can still play and win with her, and her winrate stays around 46%.

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