Skins for Luna in Dota 2

Luna is one of the strongest kerry-heroes, which has a lot of advantages. Among them we can highlight the huge speed of farming, and incredibly high fluff potential, which will allow you to instantly demolish the base of the enemy. It stands its line well, and also quickly farms the forest, gradually building up its networth. Also one of the main pluses is the simple gameplay, which allows beginners to play safely. In our today's article we have selected the most beautiful skins for Luna, which will make her more beautiful, as well as add variety to the gameplay.

Golden Twilight Schism

Golden Twilight Schism replaces your regular blade with a more beautiful and spectacular sword of golden color. It blends perfectly with other skins and also adds a large number of effects to Luna, including: Changed attack animation, Changed appearance as well as visual effects of attacks. Has 2 variations, each of which costs little money, and can be bought by regular players. The regular version costs about 50 rubles, and the golden version costs 200 rubles.

Golden Moonfall

A shield that matches perfectly with the previous skin, and also fits this character perfectly. There are also two variations and significantly changes the appearance of the character. Golden Moonfall changes the appearance and visual effect of the first ability, changing its color and the animation of its application. It looks significantly cooler when used in conjunction with the previous skin. The first version of this shield costs about 100 rubles, while the second one costs about 500 rubles.

Scorn of the Winged Sentinel

Scorn of the Winged Sentinel is one of the most beautiful full sets on the moon, which significantly transforms it and belongs to the "Mythic" quality. It doesn't give any new visual effects, but it does change her external appearance, and also blends well together with past skins. All together they perfectly transform Luna, making her look nothing like her original version. You can buy it for the price of about 700 rubles.

Madness of the Amaranth Orb

Another complete set for Luna that also deserves your attention. Very cool looking and gives the moon new clothes, weapons and maunts. It differs from the past by its cheapness, which allows you to buy it for 50 rubles, and also perfectly combined with the previous skins.

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