Top Dota 2 offliners in the new patch

Offlane is a very important position in Dota, which determines how the fights go. The third position stands on the line against the enemy kerry and full support, and performs a large number of important game tasks, including: initiation, damage absorption, and proper formation of the fight. Playing on offliners requires moderate skill, because it can be very difficult to win without it. In our today's article, we have selected the best heroes for the third position after the release of the new patch.

Sand King

Sand King is a hero that rarely appears in the meta, much less has a high winrate. But patch 7.36 changed all that, breathing new life into the hero. This happened thanks to the aspects that were able to qualitatively complement the character and raise his winrate. In general, it is still the same good hero, with a huge amount of magic damage and control, which can turn any game solo. Playing him requires skill, so the hero is not recommended for beginners.


Axe is one of the most famous offlane heroes. He stands his line well and often wins it, and also brings a huge amount of impact to the game thanks to his control and magic damage. The recently released aspects are a great addition to this character and have raised his winrate a lot, which is around 55%. Another plus is that the character is very easy to use, making it accessible to all players.

Dark Seer

Another hero that received strong buffs after the new patch. Dark Seer is very good against a lot of kerries, and counters them on the game. He is not a bad line due to his shield, which allows you to kill creeps even on the hardest line. Excellent against agilists and illusionists, because he has a stan on the area, as well as ultimates, which creates illusions of opponents. The character requires practice, so it is not recommended for beginners.

Winter Wyvern

This hero is very rarely seen on offlane, but her winrate at this position tends to be 60%. Wyvern stands the line well and can dominate it quite easily. She also has a massive ultimatum that allows her to buff an important target and kill it quickly. It performs well on the third position and is recommended to play.

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