Inborn abilities and aspects in Dota 2

Patch 7.36 added a huge number of changes to the game, the most important of which are new abilities and aspects that can completely change the game for certain characters, as well as diversify their gameplay. Each of the characters got such innovations, and that's why today we offer you to understand some of them in practice.

Faceless Void

Faceless Void has undergone a major change, as he can now play in a different way. With the help of a new aspect Void can place a cube that will slow down all enemies in the area, as well as increase the speed of attacks on them himself and allies. It works cool, but it takes a while for everyone to be able to appreciate the alternate ultimates. Another aspect allows you to give yourself a shield after applying the first ability, which will also be useful on game play, and especially on line. The innate ability improves Chronosphere, slowing down attacks within 500 radius of it.


Also getting a strong change is Mars, which has gotten a lot of boosts. One of them allows you to block the view for those characters who are in your arena. They can't see everything that is happening outside. You can also choose a debuff that restores 20% of your maximum health and mana for each hero killed. On top of that, it gives a 20% bonus to attack. An innate ability is aura, which gives extra recovery to your allies within a certain radius.


The hero got as many as 3 aspects, each of which will change your playstyle. One of the strongest looks like this: For each attack speed you gain additional range. This means that the faster you hit, the greater your attack range, which can increase to huge amounts. The second aspect increases the damage from your jump, depending on the amount of XP you have. By gathering through force you will deal a huge amount of damage.

You can also choose an aspect that will allow you to use items that are in your backpack. This can work very strongly as, will allow you to use all 9 items. An innate ability is the plaque, which makes mines not vulnerable and also hides them.

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