Anti-radiation suit in Rust

Constant resource extraction in Rust is one of the most important keys to survival. Resources are divided into numerous types, and are extracted in completely different ways. It can be, as an exchange with players, and looting special bases and Rad Towns, for safe travel on which you need protection from radiation. For protection from radiation you can greatly benefit from a special suit, which will save you from the negative effects, and allow you to quietly loot. In our today's article we will talk about it, and the ways to acquire it.

Features of the suit

This is a full-fledged suit that is colored yellow, and completely covers your body. There are 2 oxygen tanks in the back for breathing in contaminated areas.

This suit provides excellent radiation protection and allows you to be in places where radiation rises to prohibitive numbers. It gives you the highest protection against radiation, which is 50, but it can also protect you during a firefight, because it does well against bullets. Gives your body a protection of 30 units.

How to get an anti-radiation suit?

You can get it in two ways: find it among the loot or craft it on the research table. It is easy enough to find, because it has a high chance of dropping. You can find it in crates, underwater labs, and other various bases.

For crafting you will need to find a ready-made copy, or fully explore it in the research branch, for which you will need 125 units of scrap metal. Then you will need a level 2 workbench, as well as 5 units of tarpaulin, 2 threads, 8 units of high quality metal.

How to get it through the command line?

You can also get the anti-radiation suit through the administrator console. This will help you not to parody with its creation on any custom servers. To do this, you need to open the console, via “F1” and then click on the “Attire” button in the “Items” tab. It can also be done simply by entering the command: “inventory.give 1266491000” in the command line.

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