What is RT in Rust

RT is an abbreviation of the word Redtown. Redtowns are the most important part of the Rust game, and contain a lot of good loot and gear. It comes in different categories of rarity, but very often all your efforts will pay off. These buildings come in different types, but they all have in common that there, depending on the type of server, can be very much radiation. I propose to break down the RT in more detail, in our article.

Varieties of Redtowns

On each server, such bases are spavnuvannya randomly, so you will have to search for them. RTs include military bases, warehouses, airports, tunnels, and similar locations. They are famous for the fact that the best loot is always in them.

Warehouses are the most common. They can be found quite often, walking around the open world. There is rarely strong radiation, but the loot there is not the highest quality. A great option if you are new to the game or have recently started it.

Cisterns and tunnels can give you good rewards, but keep in mind that there is usually radiation there. Therefore, it is better not to go there without the necessary protection.

Airports, power stations and the like are the most difficult locations. They are very difficult to arrange, and the search for loot can be complicated not only by their construction, but also by high radiation and a large number of hostile NPCs and regular players. As a reward, you will be able to find the best loot, and get very rich.

How to loot in RT

As we have already said, one of the main dangers there, is radiation. In order for you to be comfortable looting, you need to find a good radio protection. This can be as a suit, and drugs that will increase your defence.

Also do not go there without weapons, because besides you, other players are hunting for valuable loot. Try not to get into conflicts if you already have a lot of valuable items, and vice versa, try to take them from those who came before you.

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