Rust Attack Helicopter Guide

Rust is a very versatile game, and when you dive into it, you'll find something to do. You can hone your shooting skills, and bring them to perfection, or you can fully devote yourself to exploring the terrain, building houses, studying materials, and going on raids. Also in the plant there are many types of transportation, one of which is the attack helicopter. I propose to understand more about why it is needed, how to get it and use it.

What is an attack helicopter? 

First of all, it is a transportation that can be used by everyone. It has 2 seats: for driver and passenger, it is equipped with mounts on which you can hang weapons, up to turrets and rocket launchers. You can get it only in the bandit camp, laying out for it about 2000 scrap metal, from the seller named: "AirWolf".

How to control the helicopter

The helicopter is completely under your control, and you can control it alone. The controls are identical to its counterparts. With the "WASD" buttons you can control the craft itself, and with the mouse you can set its direction. Also do not forget about the key "F", which will allow you to turn on the lighting, which can be very useful at night.
With the help of buttons: "LKM" and "PKM", you can use weapons, which equipped the helicopter. The main thing to remember that he, like everything else requires fuel, so before the flight do not forget to refuel well, so that there are no unpleasant situations.

Helicopter weapons 

You can put both turrets and rocket launchers with heat guns on it. Install the weapons based on your own views. You also have signal lights that will help you dodge enemy projectiles by deceiving them. Do not forget to carry the necessary ammunition, so that there is no situation with their acute shortage.

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