How to use a campfire in Rust

Rust is a very interesting and hardcore game, which constantly carries a lot of dangers. It is not surprising, because this game is about survival. The threat can come from literally everything. You can become a victim of a raid or be killed for cheap loot. And you can fall victim to any weather conditions, be it: radiation, heat or cold. How to fight the latter by the way, you will learn in our today's article. We suggest that you consider the usefulness of the campfire in more detail, as well as understand its advantages.

What do you need for crafting?

The process of creating a bonfire is very simple, and will not require a lot of resources from you. For him you will need 100 units of wood, and a flat surface, preferably hidden from prying eyes. To install it, you need to pick it up, and then place it in a convenient area. Be careful with it, because it can easily attract ill-wishers, so it is not recommended to build it in open areas.

How to light a fire?

As in real life, it needs to be maintained. You will have to find wood, the amount of which comes from the time during which you need a fire. To plant you need to point at the fire, and press the "E" key, which will give you access to the menu. All the necessary manipulations are carried out here.

Benefits of the bonfire 

One of the main benefits is the recovery of health. Sitting by the campfire increases your comfort score, which triggers the regeneration process. If you are alone, you will gain 50% of your comfort. This value will increase in proportion to the people who are around you and therefore speed up your regeneration. Also keep in mind that you cannot pick up a fire that has already been set up and will have to extinguish it.

Tips for the game

An important point is that with the help of the bonfire you can check whether there are residents in the house or not. To do this, you need to place it under the door and sit at it. If your comfort level will be more than 50%, then there is someone behind the door. This can give you a serious advantage in an encounter.

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