How to fish in Rust?

Fishing in Rust is a very useful occupation that will not only give you the opportunity to feed yourself, but also to earn money from it. Now there are many ways to catch it, and developers often supplement and expand the types of fish. I suggest you to understand more about how to catch it, and where you can use it.

Types of fish in Rust 

The simplest fish are: anchovy, herring and sardine. The process of catching them is the easiest and they are also the most common. They can be cut up, getting bones, raw fish and animal fat for this, which can be used later.

You can also find yellow perch and trout, which will give you more resources, but you will need bait from level 3 or higher to catch them. The rarest are sharks and salmon, which live at a certain depth, and not in all locations. High level bait will be needed to catch them.

How to use a fishing rod 

The fishing rod is very easy to make, because you don't need to learn it and it is available at the start. You will need 200 wood and 2 units of rope. In order to start fishing, you need to put the bait on the hook. The process is similar to installing a modifier on the weapon. Then choose a place where you are going to fish. Choose it based on what kind of fish you want to catch. It is controlled with the mouse, and the keys "WASD".

Where can I catch fish?

It can be done only in 2 places: in ordinary bodies of water and in the sea. Based on the place, different types of fish will change. For example: catfish can be found only in fresh water, but you will never meet a shark there. There is also a special kind of fish that can only be found in an underwater laboratory.

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