Lighthouse in Rust

Lighthouse is one of the few monuments in the game of Rust that can be found during a normal journey. It most often appears in shallow water and therefore can be accessed by all players. It has no specific spawn points, and it is found only by exploring the world It is one of the easiest objects to loot, because it has no puzzles, and therefore will be a welcome catch for many players. You can get it early in the game, so in today's article we will describe it in a little more detail, and determine its value.

What loot can I find at the lighthouse?

As we mentioned above, the lighthouse is available to most players early in the game, which means you should be wary of your opponents. It's worth it to protect yourself somehow and find some weapons. At the lighthouse itself, you can find a lot of good loot, such as recycler, which is of great importance for the game.

Also here you can find ordinary and oil barrels. Their number depends on luck. One of the important finds will be crates with valuable loot, which are scattered throughout the lighthouse.

How to get to the lighthouse?

The lighthouse is very simple, and the way to it will not give you any difficulties. You can get to it through the western or central door. Inside it, there are many passages and stairs, each of which will lead you to a room with loot. The top of the beacon can be accessed via a special ladder that will allow you to farm the beacon completely.

One of the most effective ways of farming the lighthouse will be by completely building up the lighthouse. It will be easiest to do this with the help of friends, but you can do it solo. The point of this idea is to fence the lighthouse from other people, preventing them from getting there, and clean it up yourself. Loot is refreshed every 20 minutes, which will greatly help you get rich.

How to leave the lighthouse?

If it's zaspavnivaetsya in shallow water, the exit is exactly the same as the entrance, which can cause you problems. You definitely don't want to encounter anyone with pockets full of loot. The situation is a bit different if you are in deep water, because in that case you can just jump out of the window and swim away.

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