Metal Detector in Rust

A huge part of gameplay in Rust is the search, mining and valuable materials. Mining them can be done in a variety of ways. Arrange raids on other players, loot and steal. Everyone will find a way that he likes. You can clear entire locations, fighting for the most valuable of them, and find a huge amount of loot. Engage in fishing, and raids on military bases, and you can just quietly and peacefully search for prey with the help of a metal detector, about which we will tell you more in our today's article.

How to get a metal detector in Rust?

Metal detector can be obtained in many ways. The easiest is to get it from some containers, but the chance of it falling out is very low, and rarely rises above 1%. To get it with 100% probability, you need to use crafting. For this you will need: 2 ropes, 200 metal and 5 high quality metals. To do this is not very difficult, but before that it must be studied.

To study it can be done in two ways. The first way is to study already found metal from some containers. Then you will get around, spending only 75 scrap metal. Otherwise, you will have to study the whole branch going to him, and it costs about 200 scrap metal.

How to use the metal detector?

The process of using it is simple and intuitive. The green indicator will show you the approximate area of finding the object. As you get closer to the target, the yellow indicator will light up. When it fills up completely, you will know the exact location of the buried item. You can use it to find a huge number of items, from cans to weapons and helmets.

How do I dig up items?

Before going on such hikes you need to take care of the items you will use to dig up your prey. It would be good to take a shovel with you, but in extreme cases you can do with a simple stone.

How to get it through the administration panel?

This can be used on some private servers. The "F1" button gives you access to the administration panel. Then in the "items" section you can find the metal detector, and add it to your inventory with the left mouse button.

The metal detector is a great addition to the Rust gameplay, helping you take your mind off the endless raids and do some normal collecting without risking your life.

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