Raids in Rust

Rust is a very dangerous game where every player wants to kill you and take all your stuff. The main goal here, is to survive the vyp. At the very beginning, players are just starting to loot and collect resources. They walk around with pickaxes and stones, but at later stages everyone has the necessary weapons and good uniforms, and the search for resources is carried out with the help of raids on foreign territories. It is they who are the main danger. In our today's article, we offer you to understand it a little more in detail, and also to understand how you can protect yourself.

What is a Raid

A raid is a raid on an enemy base in order to get other people's resources. People are specially organized into groups, and organize such raids at unexpected times. It is very hard to defend against them alone, and if you don't have a company of players, the chances are practically nil.

How to Prepare for a Raid

A certain amount of time before the Raid, players walk around and explore the area, noting various buildings and structures. Then they get all the necessary resources that will be needed during the raid. After that, they join groups and start raiding.

To conduct a raid you will need very good weapons. For example, it will be hard for you to do without burst cartridges, as well as rockets that will help in the capture. The inventory of each player is limited, so you need to take only the most necessary and important. You will also need explosives, which can be used to break walls and blow up doors. For a competent raid, it is necessary to build and plan it well.

How to protect your house from a raid?

It is almost impossible to do this, because sooner or later any house will be attacked, but it can be easily secured by strengthening and making it more difficult to raid. You can fortify a house in many ways. Make yourself a platform from which you can effectively shoot off enemies, as well as machine gun points. Hide your loot as deep as possible to make it harder to find. It's also a great option to find accomplices, who in case of anything will help you defend yourself and punish your offenders. Rust is a very dangerous game, and it is almost impossible to survive alone.

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