Syringes in Rust

Rust is one of the most dangerous games where your life is constantly on the line. You can spend a lot of time farming resources, building structures and strengthening your own base, but in the end your fate will be decided by a single firefight during a raid, or just some player who is hungry for profit.

There are many ways to protect yourself from this, and one of these solutions is a syringe, which will help you hide in a shelter and quickly restore your resources. In our today's article, we suggest you deal with it a bit more in order to understand where to find it, how to craft and use it.

How to craft a syringe?

Such syringes are available for crafting only after learning. You can make them on a workbench that has reached the second level, or you can find them in some random place. For crafting you will need: 15 units of cloth, 10 fragments of metal and 10 units of fuel of low quality. Finding these resources is easy enough, because they are not in short supply.

For crafting you will need to find a ready-made syringe, and study it on the research table. You can get it by looting enemy NPS, or just find it in the game world, containers and more. It falls out with a high probability, so it will not be difficult to do it.

How to use the syringe?

To use it quickly, you need to put it in a quick slot, and then use it by pressing LKM on yourself, or PKM on an ally. The syringe is useful because it instantly heals 15 health and 20 more for some time. It also removes radiation, but does not stop bleeding.

Syringe Crafting Bind

This is a very useful bind that will simplify the process of creating syringes, and will help you do it without distractions. For this bind you need to go to the command line, and type: “bind button craft.add 1079279582”. It is recommended to put on a free and convenient for you key.

There is also a bind for quick use. For it, you need to enter the command: “bind button +slotX;+attack”. This bind is very important, because it helps to use syringes instantly, and increases your chances of survival in a collision with the enemy.

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