Balloons in Rust

Balloon is a great means of transportation in Rust, which allows you to quickly move from place to place, as well as to drag a large amount of loot, which will help you survive in the harsh conditions of this game. You can also use it to raid and scout the area to find enemy vulnerabilities, or to defend yourself from enemy attacks. We suggest you take a closer look at them, and understand how to use them.

How do I get a balloon?

Unlike other means of transportation, a balloon cannot be made or bought. It can be found by you in random places, but most often it appears in the desert and fields. They are a very rare find, so you will definitely be lucky if you make one.

How do you control the balloon?

The driving process is not as simple as on other vehicles, but it can be learned. The most important factor is to have fuel in plenty. Burning it will lift the balloon up and allow it to fly longer. To control it you will need to watch the direction of the wind, with what you will help you flags installed on the balloon. Then by turning the burner on and off you can fly in the desired direction.

It is necessary to keep an eye on the road, so as not to crash into trees or power lines. The balloon can easily break and you will lose your vehicle. Also make sure that your balloon is not shot down by the air defense system, so try not to fly over enemy bases and houses.

Where to find armor for the balloon?

You can find it from special containers, but the chance of it falling out is very low. If you manage to get it after a while, you can study it on the research table and craft it later for 200 metal. This will help you defend yourself from missiles and also increase your survivability when fired upon. The durability of the orb will increase from 1500 to 2500.

Where to store the orb?

There is no specific place for it. If someone finds out that you have a balloon, they will definitely try to steal it from you, so it is recommended to secure it with walls and weapons. The balloon is a very valuable find, because with its help you can organize raids, and drag a lot of things. Any player will be able to find a competent use for it.

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