Air turrets in Rust

Air Turrets in Rust can be useful for absolutely every player. They perform a very important task, namely to protect your house from attacks from other players, and help prevent raids. Rust is a very dangerous game, where you and your house will always be a very desirable target for killing. These turrets will help you defend against all kinds of enemies, shoot down helicopters and balloons, and therefore increase the chances of your loot surviving. In our today's guide, we propose to talk about them in more detail, as well as determine how you can acquire them.

How to get an Air Turret?

It was introduced into the game at the same time as the balloon to be able to counter it. These turrets are fully automatic and react to any air object that comes within its range. To destroy the balloon you will need 5 charges, each of which takes away 50 XP. It also works in 360 degrees, which will prevent you from getting around it from the back. This definitely makes the turret a formidable weapon to be reckoned with.

Unlike many other items, the Turret cannot be researched or found anywhere. You can only buy it in Peaceful City, paying 500 scrap metal for it. Do not be frightened by the price, because such a purchase is definitely worth the money.

Where to place the Air Turret?

The most important factor for the installation of the turret is the foundation. It can be placed on any surface, but it is best to do it on the roof, which would be as difficult as possible to get to it. Turret can be moved from place to place with the help of a mallet, which takes away from it 250 XP. It is recommended to put about 5 of them on the roof, for greater effect, but far away from each other, so that they can not be broken by one shot.

What ammo is required

The main ammunition is anti-aircraft missiles. There are several ways to obtain them. They can easily be bought in the same store as the turret itself. They cost 75 scrap metal per piece. You can also buy one missile and study it on the research table to significantly reduce the consumption of materials, and craft them in large quantities.

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