All about backpacks in Rust

Developers are constantly releasing additions and updating the game Rust. In the game there are many items of different types, which can be stored in special chests, or stacked at home. But carrying them has always been a big problem, because inventory slots are not infinite and can not be expanded.

But in a recent addition developers have introduced backpacks in the game, which greatly simplify your life, allow you to carry more valuable loot, and do not worry about space. In this article I propose to talk about them.

Types of backpacks and how to find them 

There are two types of backpacks, and they differ from each other on how to find them. The small backpack is easy to craft. It can be done on the first level. You will need a workbench of the first level, 5 sewing kits, and 50 pieces of fabric. It is quite easy to find them, so it is available very early. Gives 12 extra slots, which solves a lot in any raids.

There is also a large military backpack, which can not be scrafted, but if you found it, you are very lucky, because it gives you an additional 28 slots, and allows you to carry almost twice as much stuff. You can find it in the war crate, which has a 5% chance of falling out.

How do I use a backpack?

Using backpacks is made very simple. Initially, you need to put it in the additional equipment slot. Then to see what's inside, you need to click on it with the left mouse button, and you will open the additional inventory.

To put items there you just need to drag them with the left mouse button, and spread them over the slots. You can also place it on the ground and interact with it by pressing the "E" button. It will be used as a temporary crate, but keep in mind that it may disappear after a while.

Differences between the backpacks

They are very different from each other in terms of appearance. A simple backpack looks very cheap, because it is assembled from improvised materials. Military looks high-quality, because it is very rare and has a small number of people. By the look of the backpack you can immediately understand what kind of player stands in front of you.

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