Weapons guide on the machine gunner in TF2

The Gunner is one of the most interesting and heavy classes in Team Fortress 2. He is very large in size, which allows his team to hide behind him, and also has a large amount of XP. One of his main advantages is his machine gun, which allows him to fire without reloading, and does a huge amount of damage at medium and close ranges. Under the medic, he is a scary machine that sweeps away everything in its path and leaves no chance for enemies.

The main disadvantages are its large size, which is a plus and a minus at the same time. Because of it you are easy to spot, and you are the first victim. Also very slow movement, which will not allow you to quickly change position, or hide from gunfire. And yet its main feature is the weapon, which we offer you in our today's article.

Main weapon

The main weapon, of course, is a machine gun, which comes in several types. The standard machine gun has 200 rounds in reserve, and not bad damage. The closer the enemy stands, the higher the damage will be, so keep that in mind.

The Natasha or Brass Monster machine guns are also good replacements, each with their own unique features. Natasha, for example, has a reduced spin speed, but does 25% less damage. She makes up for this by slowing down, which helps kill the target. The Brass Monster, on the other hand, gives you increased damage but a longer untwist speed.  Choose your weapon based on your personal views and beliefs.

Secondary Weapons

The default weapon is the shotgun, which does not do bad damage, and can save you in the most unfortunate situations. There is nothing special about it, but you can replace it with a sandwich. Thanks to its use, you can quickly restore all your HP once every 20 seconds, and what else do you need for such a huge character?

Melee Weapons

Machine Gunner doesn't need to use cold weapons, because he has huge fists that replace them perfectly. They do standard damage, but they can be replaced with boxing gloves, each of which give their own unique buffs. Before playing the game, we advise you to practice and learn all kinds of weapons in detail already on personal experience.

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