TF2 Sniper Weapon Guide

Sniper is one of the most interesting classes in Team Fortress 2. The author of the famous phrase: "Professionals have standards" and a great character to play both in defense and offense. He has 125 XP, as well as a killer weapon that does a lot of damage. Great for beginners and will also help you develop and pump up your aaim. In addition, he has an extensive arsenal of weapons, and therefore we propose to disassemble them better, in order to decide on the choice.

Types of main weapons 

The most important weapon of a sniper is a regular sniper rifle, which is in his possession by default. It deals 50 damage per shot without a scope. If fired with a full charge and while in the scope, it will deal 150 damage. The head damage will be with a crit, which can raise the damage from 150 to 450.

It also has additional weapons on it that can be better in certain situations. For example, Mahina, which will be useful with a good Aim, because it has the ability to kill two people at once with one shot, or a bow, which deals high damage, and has the ability to increase it thanks to burning. The choice of basic weapons for sniper is large, so I recommend you to test each of them.

Types of additional weapons 

The default weapon is the machine gun, which is quite versatile and can be used in different situations. It has good damage, and a high rate of fire. It is also possible to replace it not only with another submachine gun, but also with a shield, which reduces the damage in the back from your worst enemy - the Spy. It will help you survive the toughest situations, and keep helping your team.

Close Combat Weapon 

The standard weapon is the Kukri knife, which has good damage and can save you in emergency situations. It can also be replaced with other weapons of a similar nature. Each of them differs from each other in characteristics, and can help you a lot on the battlefields.

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