How to forge items in TF2

Forging is a very important part of the Team Fortress 2 game. With its help you can create many items, such as: weapons, accessories, or metals, which can also be used in the future. I suggest you to understand this mechanic in detail, with the help of our guide.

How to start crafting?

To start crafting, you need to go to the "Customise" section and click on the "Items" button. This will show you the characters you can upgrade and change the appearance of. At the bottom, find the anvil icon and click on it.
This is the main page. Here you can find everything you need, see the blueprints and materials you need. 

Why do you need metal?

A very important part for forging. It will allow you to create, modify and improve your weapons. Scrap metal, reclaimed metal, and refined metal are the three main components you will use to make other items. 
There are several ways to obtain scrap metal. A player can combine two of the same primary, secondary, or melee weapons, as well as any two weapons and items of the same class.
Three scrap metals can be combined to create one recovered metal, and three recovered metals will create one refined metal.


Class tokens and slot tokens are the other basic components needed to create blueprints. They are created by combining three weapons of the same class. Similarly, by combining three items with the same slots, you will get a Slot Token.

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