How to create your own server in TF2

Local server in Team Fortress 2 will help you create your own rooms, where you can play against bots or with friends. This is a very useful feature that absolutely everyone can do. With the help of this guide you will learn how to create it, and you will do it as quickly as possible.How to create your own server?

How do I create my own server?

The easiest way to do this is with the help of third-party sites, of which there are many. Going to them you will need to customize your room as you need, create a link, and send it to your friends so that they write it in the console. This will allow you to play together, but this method is not durable, and the server will have to be recreated often.

How to create a server using console commands

To begin with, you need to write the command: "sv_lan", and if after it there is a number 1, then you need to replace it with 0. Next, using the command Map_ select the map we need and restart the server. After that, friends will be able to join you through "Shift+Tab", or enter your IP address in the console.

Basic commands

  • Hostname - gives a name to your server, by which it will be easier to find;
  • Maxplayers - sets the maximum number of players that can join the session;
  • Kick "name" - bans a specific player on the server;
  • Addip "time" - gives the player a temporary ban;
  • Sv_cheats - allows you to enter cheats for the game. Keep in mind that entering it will disable the game achievements, so you will have to restart the server afterwards.

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