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You can exchange your skins for money or cryptocurrency is easy enough. Visit the «How does it work?»

In the digital realm, item prices are shaped by market trends. However, the digital prices on the Steam Market do not directly translate into reality; they cannot be exchanged for real currency. Consequently, the actual value of virtual items always remains lower, creating an illusion of digital wealth inaccessible to tangible money.

Funds are typically credited within a timeframe ranging from 1 to 10 minutes. Occasionally, due to disruptions on the part of banks or payment services, payouts may experience delays of up to 24 hours. Should your funds not be received within the initial 10-minute window, you are encouraged to engage with our live chat support, where our representatives will promptly provide you with the current status of the payment.

The commission for each payment direction is calculated individually, taking into account the bank fees and the current currency exchange rate. You can select multiple items, and by simply tapping on the icons of payment systems, you can instantly familiarize yourself with the current and applicable commissions.


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