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How it Work?

Step 1

Login with Steam, setup your account with your Trade URL & Email

Step 2

Browse your inventory and sell your items for their chosen price instantly.

Step 3

Accept the trade, get cash instantly. Plus, we offer a wide range of payout methods to suit you!

1. Sign in using your Steam account

It's really simple, just log in using the Steam account that has items you would like to sell.


2. Check domain on Steam Popup

After clicking on the authorization button, you will be taken to the Steam site, where you must log in through your account. Make sure that the authorization domain on the Steam site corresponds to the domain We have more fakes. Don't let yourself be fooled.


3. Add your Trade URL

Make sure your inventory privacy is set on public so we can show all of your items! We need your email address to send payment confirmations so make sure it's a valid one.


4. Choose skins you wish to sell

Select the items that you would like to exchange, make sure you click the correct one and not your favorite stickered version!


5. Enter your payment details

Select your favorite payment method available and fill contact information.. Make sure to double-check that your withdrawal details are correct! Because we can’t stop the automated payment process.


6. Have a promo code?

Great! Click the button “I have a promo code”, and enter your promocode in popup. After this, click the Apply button


7. Get instant cash!

After all is done, click the “Get My Money” button and complete the request order. Your payment is now processing and will arrive in the next 24 hours! Enjoy instant withdrawals using all of the most popular payment methods and collect bonuses which automatically increase your future payouts!